Welcome to Building Bridges Counselling Services.  We invite you to explore everything our practice has to offer.  Please contact us with any inquiries or comments you may have.  We look forward to offering our services and support.


Our Vision. Our Mission.

  • Create a counselling environment that is relaxed, warm and safe. 
  • Accommodate and understand vulnerabilities.
  • Benefit family units by serving  individuals, children/adolescents, couples and families.
  • Support individuals to strengthen the family as a whole.
  • Engage clients in their own process of change by instilling hope about the future.
  • Acknowledge resiliency and work towards positive change.
  • Provide affordable services to allow clients to attend as many sessions as needed without financial restrictions.

Our approach

  • Our counsellors take a client centered approach, meeting clients where they are at and ensuring they remain the experts of their own experiences.
  • We are accepting and flexible to meet the needs of clients, while maintaining safety and confidentiality. 
  • Our counsellors take a team approach to counselling, provide different perspectives and come from different backgrounds.  While we work from a team approach, confidentiality is of the utmost importance and is strictly practiced by both counsellors and clients.
  • All counselling services come with the option of co-counselling as a way of offering clients diverse viewpoints.
  • Using a variety of approaches, Building Bridges Counselling Services offers open and honest support from consistent and compassionate counsellors.

It Is Our Bridge To Cross
— Anonymous