FAMILY Counselling

Family Counselling is available for those looking for support within the family unit. Building Bridges offers Family Counselling to any combination of family members. Family Counselling is helpful when a neutral perspective is needed to navigate issues that arise within the family system. Family sessions are co-counselled and run for approximately 75 minutes.  Our approach is to serve the family unit, viewing the family itself as the client.  We are open to working with individual members within the family in order to support the family as a whole.  We strongly recommend that families book a Coffee and Chat prior to booking an Intake Session.  Issues commonly addressed in Family Counselling include, but are not limited to:

·        Communication

·        Patterns of interaction

·        Sibling relationships

·        Child/parent relationships

·        Blended family concerns

·        Behavioural expectations and management

·        Daily functioning

·        Life transitions


Please book your Coffee and Chat by calling 587-318-0018 or online through our Booking Service.