COUPLES Counselling / Relationship Counselling / Couples therapy

Couples Counselling is available for those looking for support in their relationships. Couples Counselling is helpful when a neutral perspective is needed to navigate issues that arise in relationships. Clients have the choice to have one or two counsellors in the room for sessions, and have the choice of 50 minute or 75 minute sessions (though 75 minutes is recommended). Couples are approached as a unit to best support the relationship.  If a member of the couple would like to pursue Individual Counselling, Building Bridges offers individual support under the Couples Counselling umbrella.  Couples are required to come in for a Coffee and Chat prior to booking an Intake Session. Issues commonly addressed in Couples Counselling include, but are not limited to:

·        Communication

·        Intimacy

·        Infidelity

·        Trust

·        Parenting

·        Life transitions

·        Divorce/separation

·        Conflict

Please book your Coffee and Chat by calling 587-318-0018 or online through our Booking Service.